The Lush Valentines Day Collection 2017

the lush valentines day collection 2017 eastbourne
Now if you’ve been with us for a while, you will know how obsessed we are with Lush. Actually obsessed – can’ get enough – maybe we’re mermaids? Who know, but our fave times of the year, is of course whenever Lush release a collection. And the collection we’re talking about right now is …………. VALENTINES DAY!

lush valentines day collection 2017 eastbournelove bug eastbourne lush valentines day collection 2017
We love the Valentines Day Lush collections, because they always bring back some of our faves and who doesn’t love a bath bomb that has heart confetti? No one – that’s who.  And of course – the Unicorn Horn bubble bar also makes an appearance – what a time to be alive *insert laughing emoji here*.

lush valentines day 207 collection eastbourne
cupids arrow bath bomb valentines day lush eastbourne
Now lets talk about the collection – has anyone noticed that the locked heart bath bomb isn’t in the collection, yet again? Le sigh! Bring it back LUSH. We picked up the Cupids Arrow bath bomb, the Rose Bombshell bath bomb, the Lady Bird bubble bar (although we’ve dubbed it the Love Bug), Lover Lamp bath bomb and lastly the Sex Bomb bath bomb. We chose these ones above the others, because these are the smells we like. The others just weren’t us – a little bit too strong perhaps. The absolute fave has to be the Lover Lamp bath bomb – it smells so so good, contains cocoa butter, which is so moisturising on the skin and most importantly it releases tiny little hearts into your bath! So if you were just going to try one from the collection – make it this one.

lush collection valentines day 2017 eastbourne love