Spring To-Do List 2017

We always like to make to-do lists for each season as sometimes life can get a bit mundane and you forget to look forward to the little things, like the seasons first daffodils – even though they were out in January this year , the different smell in the air that marks the end of Winter, although mainly it’s about the sunshine for us. Anyone else checking their weather app daily? We certainly are. So here is this years Spring to- do list. What are you looking forward to this Spring?

1. Have a BBQ every weekend the sun shines
2. Drink wine on the patio at the end of the day
3. Try out a different restaurant in Brighton each week
4. Try out different types of salads
5. Have a picnic in the park
6. More walks with the dogs on the beach
7. Take a girls weekend in Brighton
8. Plan a holiday for the Summer
9. Find the perfect bikini – do they even exist?