Movie Review: Beauty And The Beast

This review is only just going up now, due to all of last weeks website technical issues. So Beauty and the Beast – where do we start? We hope that you have all seen it by now, but if you haven’t you need to go and book your ticket ASAP. What we love most about our favourite Disney remakes is that it’s just so nostalgic. We almost always cry and we’re the weirdos who clap at the end. Anyone else? or is it just us?

Initially we weren’t happy that Hermione was cast as Belle. Mainly because we were massive Harry Potter fans and we just can’t see her as anything else, however we found ourselves throughout the whole movie thinking Hermione is doing good, we could get used to this. So we obviously need to go and see it again and maybe we will see Belle instead.

We can’t really fault it at all – we loved how that portrayed everything and brought it to life on the big screen. The wolves were pretty scary, so if your kiddo scares easily – you made need to talk them through that part – we did. It was all done so unbelievably well – even down to the singing wardrobe. Also there are some added extras – which we won’t spoil for you – but you’ll love and so much singing. We were quite surprised by that, but we were happy that they did. It was absolutely fantastic and we give it a 15/5 stars it was just that good.