Movie Review: Baywatch

baywatch movie review 2017
We finally got to see Baywatch last night after many failed attempts and we are so glad that we did. It was absolutely hilarious. We have never laughed so much at the cinema EVER. At one point – thanks to Matt Brody (Zac Efron) we laughed so much we couldn’t stop and ended up in tears. You don’t have to be a Baywatch fan (we are) to enjoy this movie and you don’t even have to know what Baywatch is. I think to sum it up we could call it a stupidly entertaining and ridiculously funny. We’ve read other reviews that have panned this movie completely and they are uncalled for. Yes it might not be everyones cup of tea, but if you have any sense of humour, you will love it.

The movie starts out with try outs to be on The Baywatch team (family) and as they introduce the characters, you can hedge your bets on who the new teamies will be. You get to learn a little bit about them all and then the drama unfolds. Drugs, team work, criminals, winning, becoming a family, protecting the bay, blowing someone up with fireworks – the usual.

There were of course cameos from The Hoff and good old Pammy and yes they are just cameos. We really hope that there is a sequel on the cards in the near future or maybe a Netflix series in the making, with the same characters in the movie – we would love that.

Star rating 10/10 for comedy value