Chocolate Fondue For Valentines Day

EL chocolate fondue
So boys and girls this is our fave post – easy to do and tastes so so yummy! Who knew chocolate fondue could be sooooooo good and it’s perfect to throw out on Valentines Day.

What you need:
Chocolate brownies (pre made and cut)
Bananas – although next time we’ll use marshmallows
Bar of chocolate
Wooden skewers

el valentines day chocolate fondue
Chop all your bits.

el chocolate fondue v day
Melt the chocolate either in a fondue kit or in the microwave.

el chocolate fondue valentiens day
el brownie fondue for v day
Start to arrange the skewers whilst the chocolate is melting and the drizzle the melted chocolates over the skewers.

el chocolate fondue for valentines day
Use the left over fruit to dip in the melted chocolate – it’s sooooooooo good.

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