5 Ideas On How To Personalise Your Wedding Day

5 ways to personalise your wedding day
Everyone wants their big day to be different right? And nowadays it’s so easy to personalise your wedding day to do so.  And it couldn’t be easier to put your own personal stamp on everything. Here are 5 ways you can personalise your wedding day.
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1. Invites 
Invites are the first glimpse your guests get to see of your wedding theme. We recently got invited to a wedding abroad where our invite was a passport style card – which we thought was so cute. The RSVP note was also a boarding pass – we didn’t send it back because we liked it so much (Sorry Patti)

2. Favours
Favours are obviously a MUST for every wedding and you can personalise them – again to your personality. An example of another wedding we went to – the bride loved yankee candles so she gave away her favourite scent in a votive to the girls and the boys got a miniature of the grooms favourite spirit.

3. Cakes
You can go all out with cakes or completely plain, but this is a great way to tie in your cake with your theme. If you’ve decided on a casino theme (for whatever reason), you could get a cake that is the shape of a roulette table. The world is your oyster with this one – you can go for anything – or even simply – but 3 white cakes for the supermarket and place them on top of each other.

4. Table settings
Most people go simple with table settings and there is nothing wrong with that at all. We personally love a bit of white card and calligraphy. However you can be as imaginative as you luck with this and really bring your personality into this. A wedding we went to a few year years a go – the groom was a DJ – playing all over the world. So he really tied that into the wedding table settings, using the names of clubs all around the world. So simple and completely personalised to the happy couple.

5. Signature Cocktail
Now we haven’t actually been to a wedding where they have given out a signature cocktail, but we read all about it on Cupcakes and Cashmere’s wedding blog (read here). And we thought it was a really nice touch for the wedding reception. Although she had a personalised cocktail menu, not just the one.
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