48 Hours In Marbella

Now we know what you’re all thinking – Why are you writing about Marbella when you’re website is about Brighton? Well sometimes we leave Eastbourne and we thought it would be nice to share some of our top tips with you when we’ve been away somewhere nice. So first up, we’ve rounded up what to do with 48 hours in Marbella. We actually stayed for a whole week, but the places we discovered, we kept going back to. We actually had lunch at the same place for about 6 days.

what to do in marbella
Marbella: Where To Stay: 

There are so many amazing hotels in Marbella, so it really does come down to location and whether or not you want cheap and cheerful or all out blow out.

banana becah beach marbella
Banana Beach Apartments

If you’re going with a group of girls and you’re on a budget, we’d suggest Banana Beach Apartments. It’s around £400 for an apartment with 3 bedrooms and space for 7 people to sleep. There is also a kitchen, so you don’t have to eat out every night, if you don’t want to. They also have a beach front restaurant, which is good for brekkie, lunch and dinner by the sea and you don’t have to go far. You will need to get taxis to the beach front for all the other restaurants and Old Town. They are about €7 – €9 depending on what time and what day it is. A taxi to Puerto Banus will set you back around €16 – €18.

sisu boutique hotel marbella
Sisu Boutique Hotel

This one is way pricier, but 100% worth it, if you’re just flying out for the weekend. Also, if you’re like most of the world, it’s completely instagrammable – you’ll have to check out the pictures for yourself though and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Sisu Boutique is pretty close to everything, so even if you do a grab a short taxi ride, it won’t be much. If you’d like to book Sisu Boutique Hotel click here.

my 48 hour guide what to do in marbella
Marbella: What To Do: 

Marbella has a HUGE amount of stuff to do – we didn’t research enough before we went – so we missed out on a lot.
Peurto Banus is a must visit whilst in Marbella. It’s easily accessible by taxi of bus, so even if you’re at the wrong side of Marbella you can get there for around €20 if buy taxi and probably under €5 if by bus. Most know the area for the rich and famous and it’s the perfect place to see your favourite cars, stare at all the hugely expensive yachts.

nikki beach marbella
You have to go to Nikki Beach – it’s open every day from 10am till 8pm. If you want to find out whats going on at Nikki Beach when you will be there – check out the Nikki Beach events page here.

where to eat in marbella at the weekend 5
Marbella: Where To Eat:
There are so many amazing places to eat in Marbella and we mean amazing. You’ll find your faves pretty quickly, but all we can say, is don’t disregard the smaller restaurants as you might just find the best tapas you have ever had.

where to eat in marbella the boardwalk on the seafront

We 100% suggest you take a trip to Boardwalk for lunch or dinner. The food is great and it’s right on the beach front, so the view is gorgeous and there is always somewhere to sit outside. We went to Boardwalk for lunch most days and opted for a Meal Deal where you can have a sandwich or a wrap with chips and a glass of wine for just €10.95. There was a huge amount of food and if you do go we can recommend the chicken, avo and bacon wrap – so so good. They also do AMAZING burgers and cocktails.

where to eat in marbella this weekend
Banana Tree

We found this place whilst we were looking for free wifi and wifi that actually worked – Banana Tree was where we found it, so we ate here quite a bit for dinner. It was pretty cheap and the food was actually really good. If you are there – try the chicken skewers – we can’t remember what they were called, but they were AMAZING.

La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita is the beach side cafe/ restaurant that we mentioned before at Banana Beach apartments. It’s actually pretty fantastic for food. We went there towards the end of our stay and it was amazing. They even deliver lunch to your sunbed and more importantly cocktails to your sunbed! That is absolutely amazing! If you do go there – have the lasagne and obviously add chips and if you go more than once, give the goats cheese salad a try – so good!

where to eat in marbella - purto banus - picassos

We went here because we thought that it was funny that we found a bit of Eastbourne in Marbella. Turns out they are one of the most popular restaurants in Marbella and a must visit. Picaso’s can be found in Puerto Banus, where you’ll also find loads of restaurants, bars and cocktail bars. If you go, go a little bit before 8pm as you might be able to sit at the front of the restaurant so you can car and people watch – which we enjoyed doing and look at the sunset whilst drinking a yummy glass of vino.

what to do in marbella 2
Marbella: Where To Go For Cocktails:

Banana Tree

You can also find cocktail places on the beach front that do cocktails for €4.50 and pitchers of sangria for €10 – just look out for the signs outside of the restaurants. There are loads of them all along the beach. You’re spoiled for choice.